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Staff at Warhol

Tamiah Howell Barrett

Tamiah Howell Barrett

A little about yourself? 

I am the Community Engagement Specialist with NeighborWorks Western PA. I am also a licensed Realtor in Pennsylvania, proudly representing the City of Pittsburgh. As a passionate dog lover, I bring that same enthusiasm and dedication to my professional life. I take great pride in being a valuable resource for my community, always striving to make meaningful connections and provide support where it's needed most.

One thing you don’t like? 

Rats or snakes. 

What do you do outside of work to have fun or relax? 

Swimming, boat rides, surrounded near water.

What do you do at NeighborWorks Western Pennsylvania? 

My role is centered around building and strengthening connections within our community. I work to foster relationships, identify community needs and initiatives that support our mission of promoting affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization.

What is the one thing you wish first time homebuyers knew? 

How amazing NeighborWorks Western Pennsylvania's programs are. 

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