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What We Do

Home Starts Here

Buying a home doesn’t have to be complicated. NeighborWorks Western Pennsylvania offers group workshops and individual coaching to guide first-time homebuyers through each stage of the purchase process.

We help you access the tools, knowledge, and resources necessary to set saving and spending goals, pay down debt, build or repair credit, and purchase your first home.



A home starts as a dream. Through preparation, hard work, and planning, that dream becomes a possibility. With NWWPA’s guidance, that possibility becomes a reality.

Our experienced team and network of real estate agents, loan officers, insurance professionals, and others will walk you through the entire process from discussing your finances to closing on your new home. It can get complicated, but you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the process and have someone by your side at every turn.

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Financial Wellness

Homeownership might seem like a distant dream, but you may not be as far from buying a home as you think. The first step is to take full advantage of our team's combined expertise to get you on the right path to financial wellness. You’ll learn how to pay down your current debt and build or repair your credit, and see that you can still have the life you want while making progress towards owning your first home.

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