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Staff at Warhol

Colin Kelley

Colin Kelley

A little about yourself? 

I'm a proud Vermont native but moving to Pittsburgh in 1991 was one of the best decisions I ever made. I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have a family, a career and a life in this town.

One thing you don’t like? 

Litter. Just put it in a trash can, people.

What do you do outside of work to have fun or relax? 

I go for a walk several times every day. No excuses! Long hikes with my family are the best. I like to read, listen to music, look at art, and watch movies as much as possible. My tastes are varied and I try to keep an open mind. Life is too short to limit yourself. 

What do you do at NeighborWorks Western Pennsylvania? 

I work every day to enable an environment where our staff can thrive professionally and personally. This results in the best possible experience for our customers.

What is the one thing you wish first time homebuyers knew? 

NeighborWorks Western Pennsylvania is here for you.

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