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Financial Wellness

If you are struggling to pay down debt and still live the life you want, you are not alone. If your credit score is keeping you from pursuing homeownership, we can help. NWWPA’s Financial Wellness workshops and one-on-one coaching will help you establish a roadmap to financial success.

If you invest in learning the basics of financial wellness, you will get advice and a framework for a sustainable, long-term plan from NWWPA’s certified housing counselors and our partners in the financial industry.

We offer group workshops and individual coaching at our HomeOwnership Center in the Uptown neighborhood of Pittsburgh and in community-based locations throughout western Pennsylvania.

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Your Success is our Priority

There are few things harder to talk about than money, especially when you feel like you’re just getting by… or worse. Our specially trained and certified staff are unbiased and pass no judgments about your financial situation.

We have seen everything, sometimes first hand, and successfully worked with customers in all kinds of situations and walks of life. All we care about is getting you on the path to financial wellness.


NWWPA is the industry Standard

We were founded more than 50 years ago as Neighborhood Housing Services, the first group of its kind dedicated to help individuals and families achieve financial wellness and build their communities through homeownership.

Our programs and techniques have been copied and implemented by numerous other organizations, but ours is still the standard that others try to achieve.

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