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Ask a Counselor: Beyond looking at homes online, what else can a homebuyer do to prepare for homeownership when real estate services are back to normal in Pennsylvania?

Jonathan: If you have not done so, now is a good time to take a homebuyer education class online. Completing our eHome course fulfills the education requirement for many down-payment and closing-cost assistance programs, and certain mortgage products. If you earned a Homebuyer Education Certificate more than one year ago, you’ll want to take a class again, as the certificate is only valid for one year. Afterward, be sure to schedule an appointment with a housing counselor who can coach you through the process. You’ll also want to secure a mortgage pre-approval for when times do get back to normal. If you already secured a mortgage pre-approval, check to see when it expires, as you may need to get a new pre-approval. At the same time, contact a real estate professional to help you with finding a home so you can be ready to tour the homes in-person when it’s safe to resume that type of house hunting activity.

If you’re considering homeownership, but aren't sure whether you’re ready to buy, contact us to schedule a free homebuyer counseling appointment. 

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