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Staff at Warhol

Regina Carmine

Regina Carmine

Regina began working at NeighborWorks Western Pennsylvania in February 2017. She has been a housing counselor since 2008 and has assisted hundreds of homeowners to avoid foreclosure, obtain loan modifications, and purchase homes with credit and budget counseling and coaching. She maintains multiple professional certifications for homeownership counseling through NeighborWorks America, the U.S Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, and the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency.

When not at NWWPA, Regina spends her time in the ecclesiastic glass studio that she has operated for 30 years. She has windows in churches and businesses throughout much of the eastern United States. Regina has experience in the world of architecture, gardening, history, local politics, and animal husbandry. She has two daughters, and together they enjoy gastronomical adventures, travel, and battling wits.

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